Respect for the People

As the proud grandson of Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin, I have had the opportunity to meet business and political leaders from throughout Georgia. These leaders included Gov. Joe Frank Harris, Gov. Zell Miller, Gov. Roy Barnes, Congressman Nathan Deal, and longtime friend Gov. Lester Maddox. I have learned much from exposure to and relationships with leaders such as these.

You can imagine my pride in having a grandfather like Commissioner Irvin. And you can imagine my anger and understand my disappointment upon learning that our "Representative" had opposed a resolution recognizing my grandfather and giving him an opportunity to bid farewell to the 2010 Session of the Georgia House. After all, 2010 is Commissioner Irvin's final year in public office, following some fifty plus years of public service. This action reflects such small character in Michael Harden.

How sad that Michael Harden's mind dwells on such matters, rather than fighting to restore the Homeowner's Tax Credit. After all he voted eliminate this tax break, and as a result raised property taxes for every homeowner in the 28th House district $250.00.

Honesty and Integrity

My opponent has consistently put politics and special interest ahead of our people of the 28th District. He repeatedly cast his vote in favor of a budget that furloughed our teachers and kicked our kids off school lunches.

My opponent supports a leadership that passed the largest TAX increase ever on Georgia consumers. Under HB 1055 Georgians have had 88 tax increases levied upon them, ranging from court filing taxes, licensing taxes, permit taxes, numerous agricultural taxes, and hospital taxes, equaling almost $200 million in new taxes.

Trauma Care

Citizens in our area at times find themselves in need of trauma care. Currently we use centers located at Grady and Augusta. Stephens County is the furthest away from trauma care of all Georgia counties. Yet my opponent Michael Harden voted against legislation that would provide closer burn and trauma facilities for our district.


Citizens and leaders of our community have known for several decades that our Hwy 17 project is critical in attracting industry and jobs back to our area. Anyone who lives here, works here, and owns a business here understands that access to I-85 must be provided to compete for industry.

My opponent voted for SB 200: this destructive Senate bill diverts funds and allocations by taking away authority from an elected DOT board and gives the final decision to the Governor. It is no wonder that the widening and extensions of Hwy 17 have once again been put on the back burner, while our governor is widening and extending a highway in his hometown of Bonaire. This highway indeed passes through the middle of property owned by Governor Perdue. Your current "Representative" should be screaming with indignation but we hear nothing from him!

A Strong Voice for You

My opponent has no vested interest in our community. In the past two years he has sold his home, sold off his business, and sold us out in Atlanta. We can no longer put our faith and our future in one who is living out of a post office box. I encourage the voters of the 28th District to send a strong voice to Atlanta this November. Vote for strength, leadership, and courage. It will be an honor and privilege to serve and protect the interests of my fellow friends and neighbors of the 28th District as your next Representative to the Georgia State House.